The Northshore Property is located along the southern landward edge of the Hemlo-Schreiber greenstone belt (see figure).

The property lays along the western projection of a series of major regional structures which to the east host the multi-million ounce Hemlo gold deposits. Coeval felsic volcanic rocks to those found on the northern portion of the property, host the former producing Winston Lake deposit (2.68 million tonnes @ 1.05% copper, 12.50% zinc, 31.37 g/t silver and 1.07 g/t gold).

The property is underlain by a complex assemblage of felsic intrusive rocks which intrude into a sequence of felsic to intermediate intrusive rocks. A broad zone, over 2 kilometres across, of alteration and disseminated sulphide mineralization occurs within and surrounding a quartz-feldspar porphyry unit on the property -- this unit hosts the Afric zone. A major regional syenite body occurs along the northern and western margin of the property and several different intrusive phases ranging from mafic to felsic in composition are seen to be associated with this body.