Historic Exploration

Historic exploration work on the Jeremie Property is restricted to three known vintages of airborne geophysical surveying and 17 historic exploration holes. Most of the known drilling on the property targeted airborne detected EM anomalies in the northernmost portion of the property. The overburden depths in this area are shallower allowing penetration to bedrock by early vintage airborne surveys. To the south the deeper overburden would, by in large, have put the bedrock surface beyond the reach of all but the more modern airborne geophysical techniques.

No significant mineralization, aside from zones of pyrite and pyrrhotite are reported from the earlier phases of drilling on the property which date as far back as the late 1950’s. Drilling is reported to have intersected felsic to mafic volcanic lithologies, sedimentary units and mafic to ultramafic intrusions confirming potential for both nickel-copper-PGE and VMS discoveries. No significant gold mineralization has been reported by historic exploration on the property.