Historic Exploration

There has been no documented exploration work within the property area in the last 22 years. As the majority of historic claims have lapsed in recent years, Balmoral was able to secure a large-scale, contiguous property position in 2016.

Prior to that exploration work on the property had generally been of limited scope due to the historically fragmented nature of the land holdings and extensive overburden cover. Since the first recorded exploration activities in 1958 approximately 15 companies have worked on some portion of the larger land package. Work by individual companies commonly consisted of ground geophysical surveys (magnetics and IP) with limited follow-up diamond drilling focused on their small claim packages.

An exception to this was the more focused work completed by Teck Explorations Ltd. in 1985-1986 on the Groupe D’Orvilliers-Desmazures domain in the southern part of the property. Teck’s work tested the VMS potential of parts of the domain and included 84 diamond drill holes and 259 overburden RC drill holes. In 1986, a regional scale airborne magnetics and EM survey was flown over the northern Abitibi belt and provided a much better understanding of the magnetic domains and defined numerous EM conductor trends.