Gold Mineralization

Gold mineralization on the Detour East Property has been identified in several settings. On the northern portion of the property gold mineralization has been identified in association with quartz-tourmaline-sulphide veins and zones of strong sericite alteration within regionally extensive fault corridors. These fault corridors are related to the Sunday Lake Deformation Zone. These occurrences have, to date, generally been narrow in scope but provide indications of a laterally extensive gold mineralized system.

To the south, along the trace of the Lower Detour deformation zone, gold mineralization has been intersected in historic drilling in numerous locations along 13 kilometres. Several sparsely drilled occurrences and two more advanced zones of gold mineralization are known and collectively outline a promising geological environment.

The Lynx Zone

Contained within the Encana joint venture holdings the Lynx gold zone is one of two advanced gold prospects on the Detour East Property. The Lynx Zone is an east-west striking, shallowly west-plunging zone of quartz-veining with associated pyrite and rare visible gold hosted along the contact between andesitic and mafic volcanic rocks, proximal to a diorite intrusion.

To date drilling has traced the Lynx Zone for approximately 250 metres along strike at shallow depths. The Zone exhibits widths of 50 to 100 metres and drill indicated thicknesses of 0.40 to 13.40 metres. The western margin of the Lynx Zone is currently marked by a late diabase dyke which appears to have filled a regional north-south trending fault. Limited work west of the diabase dyke has intersected low grade gold mineralization within the overlaying basalt sequence but has thus far not intersected the favourable andesite contact which appears to be down faulted.

Initial geological modeling by Balmoral suggests that the gold mineralization at Lynx may be associated with faulting in the nose region fold structure drag folded along the margins of the Lower Detour Deformation Zone. This model would be similar to that associated with the multi-million ounce high-grade Casa Berardi gold deposit to the south.

The Rambo Zone

The Rambo Gold Zone is located approximately 2.5 kilometres east of the Lynx Zone. Historic drilling on the Rambo area is highlighted by a number of high grade intercepts associated with quartz-carbonate veining located along a 100 metre long stretch of the Lower Detour Deformation Zone. Work is in progress to re-analyze the available records and available drill core from the Rambo area to better understand the structural controls on the gold mineralized system.

Cu-Zn-Ag-Au VMS

Historic work on third party holdings immediately to the east of the Detour East Property have outlined an exhalative horizon associated with locally elevated copper, zinc and silver values. These occurrences are located in stratigraphy situated south of the Lower Detour Deformation Zone placing them in the same stratigraphic rock sequence which, on a regional basis hosts both the Selbaie and Mattagami VMS camps to the southeast. To date Balmoral has not tested for similar mineralization on the Detour East Property.

Lac Des Iles type Pd-Pt Mineralization

An examination of historic work completed on the Property has identified a gabbro body which exhibits clear evidence of interaction with a volatile rich phase. Visually this body exhibits strong similarities to similar gabbro bodies in the Lac Des Iles area of northwestern Ontario which host the Lac Des Iles Palladium deposit and a number of other Pd-Pt occurrences. To the best of the Company’s knowledge there has been no previous exploration for this style of mineralization in the belt.