Historic Exploration

Historically recorded exploration on the Detour East Property dates back to the mid-1970’s when B.P. Selco and others were actively exploring the region for copper-zinc VMS deposits similar to those known in the Mattagami area 100 kilometres to the east. In 1974 B.P. Selco discovered the world class Selbaie VMS deposit roughly 25 kilometres southeast of Detour East Property. At about the same time, across the border in Ontario, Amoco discovered the Detour Gold deposit during their base metal exploration program. These two discoveries launched a period of extensive exploration throughout the region with was characterized by extensive airborne EM surveys and testing of airborne geophysical conductors beneath the extensive overburden which characterizes the region. The only reported drilling on the property during that cycle of exploration was by B.P. Selco on two targets on the southern portion of the property.

In 1981 the discovery of the Casa Berardi gold deposit to the south launched another brief flurry of exploration which included work by Placer Dome and Westmin in the Detour East area. Exploration was quiet throughout the mid 1980’s but a stronger resource market in the late 1980’s brought several junior companies in the area.

Drilling by Lynx Exploration – now Encana – in 1987 led to the discovery of the Lynx Gold Zone which was subsequently explored by Cyprus Canada and American Bonanza (see table). Following the Lynx discovery Coleraine Exploration discovered the Rambo gold zone on the adjacent property to the east.

Limited work between the late 80’s and mid-90’s saw a change in property holders with Cyprus Canada acquiring much of the Detour Trend in Quebec. Cyprus advanced a number of the prospects including the Lynx Zone and conducted regional airborne and local ground based geophysical program. Radisson Mining Resources, from whom Balmoral acquired the Property, became the property owner in 1995 and conducted several exploration campaigns. The table below summarizes the historic drilling on the Detour East Property.

1987 Lynx Canada MS-87-01 to 08 8 1828 Lynx Showing
1987 Coleraine Resources TU-86-01 to 30 30 ? Rambo Showing
1993 Cyprus Canada LX-93-09 to 21 13 2862 Lynx Showing
1994 Cyprus Canada LX-93-22 to 26 5 1841 Lynx Showing
1995 Radisson MS-95-27 to 30 4 1655 Lynx Showing
1996 Radisson MS-96-31 to 38 9 2361 Lynx Showing
2008 D'Arianne MAS-08-01,02 2 318 Exploration
1975 Selco D-48-01 and D-49-01 2 201 Exploration
1981 Westmin GM-81-01,02 2 330 Exploration
1985 Queenston DL-85-1 1 185 Exploration
1986 Queenston DL-86-1 1 112 Exploration
1995 Radisson LG-95-01 1 523 Lac Gignac Deformation Zone
1996 Radisson LG-96-02 to 13 13 3118 Lac Gignac Deformation Zone
1998 Radisson LG-98-14 to 28 15 3471 Lac Gignac Deformation Zone
2001 Radisson LG-01-29 to 36 8 2361 Lac Gignac Deformation Zone
TOTAL 21166 plus Coleraine