Early Stage Exploration – Base Metals - Detour Trend Project, Quebec

  • Centrally located within the Company's Detour Trend Project, immediately north of the Fenelon Property
  • The Jeremie Property is interpreted to cover the northern end of the Grasset Ultramafic Complex (“GUC”) which hosts Balmoral’s H3 Ni-Cu-PGE discovery and a number of other new Ni-Cu-PGE discoveries to the southwest.
  • Historic work on the Jeremie Property, which like the majority of the Detour Trend Project is extensively overburden covered, is extremely limited.
  • Recent drill testing by Balmoral indicates potential for Cu-Zn VMS mineralization in additional to potential for Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization within the GUC.
  • Balmoral owns a 100% Interest in the Jeremie Property; certain portions of the Property are subject to underlying royalties which may be purchased by the Company

Base Metal Potential

Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE

The Jeremie Property covers a series of highly magnetic rocks, beneath extensive overburden cover, which are interpreted to represent the northwestern extension of the Grasset Ultramafic Complex (“GUC”). The GUC hosts Balmorals’ H1 and H3 Ni-Cu-PGE discoveries on the Grasset Property to the southwest and a number of recent Ni-Cu-PGE discoveries on the adjacent Fenelon Property. The property is thus considered to be very highly prospective for additional Ni-Cu-PGE discoveries as very few of these highly magnetic sequence has been subject to drill testing

Cu-Zn-Ag-Au VMS Mineralization

The third largest felsic volcanic complex known in the region, after the productive Selbaie and Mattagami VMS camps, is located on the Jeremie and adjacent Fenelon and Grasset Properties. Work by a predecessor company in 2006-07 identified a number of occurrences of Cu-Zn-Ag-Au mineralization within this felsic volcanic sequence on the adjacent Fenelon Property within this sequence. During the winter of 2015 Balmoral intersected anomalous lead, zinc, copper and silver values in one of two holes testing the property in altered felsic lithologies on the property.

Gold Potential

While not considered as highly prospective for gold as it is for base metals the Company does recognize some potential for mesothermal gold mineralization on the property associated with structural zones adjacent to both ultramafic rocks of the GUC and the larger Jeremie batholith.