N2 Project

Gold Mineralization

Cyprus identified two types of gold mineralization, the "RJ" type, which is associated with silicified graphitic shear zones, and the "A zone" type, which occurs in semi-concordant zones of pyrite-arsenopyrite within basalt units that are close to contacts with sedimentary rocks. The higher-grade segments of the auriferous zones appear to be in close proximity to the intersection of cross structures with the sheared basalt-sediment contacts.

Drilling by Aginco Eagle in 2008 led to the discovery of a third style of gold mineralization associated with zones of semi-massive pyrite within felsic volcanic rocks in the RJ Zone hanging wall. Agnico interpreted these zones as having affinity to certain other volcanic hosted massive sulphide related gold deposits in the region -- which if accurate, opens the potential for the discovery of this very attractive style of mineralization on the property.

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