The Martiniere project is located in the Harricana -Turgeon Belt within the northern portion of the prolific Abitibi Greenstone Belt, which includes the Matagami, Joutel, Brouillan and Casa Berardi mining districts. The region is underlain by sedimentary and mafic to felsic volcanic rocks with coeval intrusions, all of Archean age. The major structural feature in the region is the east-west trending Sunday-Detour Lake Deformation Zone.

The Martiniere property is almost entirely covered by glacial overburden which ranges in thickness from 10 to 60 metres. Only scattered areas of bedrock are exposed in a small ranges of hills and along major rivers. Drilling and interpretation of existing geophysical data indicates that the southern portion of the property is largely underlain by sedimentary rocks, consisting of argillite, siltstone, graphitic argillite and related massive pyrite mineralization. These are intercalated with horizons of strongly carbonate and sericite altered mafic to intermediate flows and tuffs.

The south central portion of the property hosts the Martiniere West, Central and East Gold Zones. Drilling to date has shown this area to be underlain by an extensive gabbro-pyroxenite sill complex located at the contacted between sedimentary rocks to the south and a sequence of intermediate to mafic tuffs to the north -- a setting similar to that observed at Detour Lake. The mafic intrusion has been variably sheared. Strong carbonate and sericite alteration accompany gold-bearing quartz veins both within the gabbro sill and adjacent lithologies.

Martiniere Zones - June 2011.jpg
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