The Doigt Property is the one property forming part of the Detour Trend Project which features and significant amount outcropping bedrock. Located at or near the very northern margin of the project and the northern margin of the Abitibi greenstone belt the Doigt Property is tucked up against a sequence of granitiod gneisses to the northern whose resistant nature has shielded the Property from the extensive glacial overburden seen to the south.

Exposed bedrock is dominantly mafic volcanic or intrusive in origin with prominent magnetic features corresponding to gabbroic or magnetic-bearing basaltic rocks. Interpretation of district scale magnetic patterns suggest the local stratigraphy correlates with rocks in the NE corner of the Detour East Property and third party held claims to the south, rather than the rocks sequences seen in the Detour and Martiniere areas.

The Doigt Property features a dominantly north-south oriented stratigraphic sequence and is locally effect by both north-south and northwest directed corridors of faulting and deformation.

Detail mapping of the property remains to be completed but in general the property appears to have prospectivity for structurally controlled gold mineralization with a secondary target being Cu-Zn VMS mineralization